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"The Miraculous Power of Reiki"

"I tried Reiki with Christina at [the cancer resource center] to help with my advanced Stage 4 breast cancer. It took me 3 pain pills and a driver to get to the first appointment since the cancer had spread to my spine, thus, I had been on bead rest in excruciating pain. Just after one session with Christina, my lower back pain improved by 40% and I was able to stop taking morphine. I immediately felt the pain decrease! Three months later (6 sessions total), I went from being a helpless invalid confined to my bedroom, to cooking for my family once again and swimming with my 8 year old. Moreover, I am OFF of ALL pain meds and my oncologist/radiologist are astonished by my recovery/energy level. In just 3 1/2 months working with Christina, I am officially in remission with my PET scan saying there is NO cancer in my body!


Christina has also worked on my elderly mother, teenage daughter and many of my friends.  They all say the same thing; that seeing her is like visiting with a sweet family friend, in addition to experiencing the miraculous power of Reiki.  My children and I are thankful to God for using Christina and the power of Reiki to heal me, and giving us our lives back. Thank God I was open-minded enough to try Reiki!"

S. Romero

Menifee, California

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