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Reiki facilitates healing of the heart, mind, body and soul

While Reiki is most widely known for its relaxation and stress relief, it has also been successful in treating many illnesses and injuries, as well as the emotional effects of dealing with life's many challenges.  In addition, Reiki is safe for all ages, and many parents are grateful for the calming effect Reiki has on their children.
Below is a sampling of the benefits of Reiki, however, the benefits of Reiki's calm, loving and healing energy are truly unlimited.


Healing of the Heart (Emotions)

Loss/grief of a loved one

Childhood trauma (abuse)

Emotional effects of Divorce/Breakups

Releases fears and promotes self-love


Healing of the Mind (Thoughts)

Reduces/relieves stress

Reduces/relieves anxiety

Helps identify and heal negative self-talk

Helps bring clarity and understanding 

to difficult situations


Healing of the Body (Physical Ailments)

Relieves/reduces chronic and acute pain

Faster healing from illness, injury, and surgery

Reduces pain and discomfort associated with many diseases

Promotes better sleep


Soul (Spiritual Growth)

Spiritual awakening

Helps to discover your soul purpose

Helps identify and understand your life lessons

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